Our purpose is to serve success together. As an independent brokerage inspired by the symbolism of the keystone in our logo, we strive to be the ultimate building block that empowers our clients and Financial Advisers, ensuring their success in the financial landscape. We are committed to growing and retaining business for IAM and the Standard Bank Group by providing our clients with sound financial advice and best-of-breed solutions across various areas, such as risk, investment, healthcare and short-term needs. Our team of Financial Planning Advisers is committed to helping their clients achieve their financial goals through personalised guidance and expert recommendations.


Our vision is to become the leading advice insurance business in South Africa. While we are an independent brokerage, our affiliation to Liberty Holdings provides the backing and support of a major financial services player that ensures both long-term stability and opportunities for growth. It also means that we operate to the strictest ethical and compliance standards in all that we do. We partner with multiple solution and service providers, offering a wide range of solutions to suit every client’s needs, while giving Financial Advisers exciting opportunities for growth and success.


Our mission is anchored by a determined focus on cultivating an environment that attracts and grows trusted Financial Advisers who deliver client-centric solutions; treats clients, stakeholders and employees with dignity; creates value for the business; and builds a better future for generations to come. Working in an environment that never stands still means that we must be flexible enough to adapt and evolve as we work together to build trust. We do this with a culture based on warmth, inclusivity and humanity. We are proud to serve with respect and integrity; taking accountability for our actions and cultivating a growth mindset that propels us towards success.