Bay Wealth Management

Bay Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2003 by Adrian Meistre as a financial services business in the Nelson Mandela Bay region of the Eastern Cape. During 2008 Bay Wealth Management entered into a strategic partnership with StoneHouse Capital to provide intellectual capital, improved investment and financial-product cost options, better brand awareness and to provide clients with peace of mind regarding business continuity. Bay Wealth Management is a holistic financial planning business focusing on the foundations of financial planning - understanding clients’ needs, establishing their financial goals and formulating a strategy on how to achieve or meet these goals. Bay Wealth Management’s strategy is based on formulating an understandable and focused financial plan. Once the financial planning foundation has been laid Bay Wealth Management assists in managing and allocating assets according to an agreed risk profile. Bay Wealth Management also assists in structuring estates with regard to estate duty, capital gains tax and income tax. They believe in simplicity and service. Core functions are to provide quality financial planning, management, advisory and consultation services in the fields of retirement, investment and estate planning. They also provide comprehensive cash management services and provide clients with access to institutional fixed interest funds and various treasury divisions.

Bay Wealth Management is party via StoneHouse Capital to a joint venture with the professional financial planning practices of Zakly Investments One managed by Mark Morris and Finmap Financial Services, managed by Brent Keevy.


Adrian Meistre
Managing Director

Tel: +27 (0)41 374 0026